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The Rooster (seasonal chicken delivery service)

The Rooster (seasonal chicken delivery service)

4 Whole Birds, June - November
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Receive 4 whole Freedom Rangers delivered to your door every 4 weeks from June through November.

The weight of each bird will vary based upon the size of the birds at the time of processing. We aim for 4 lb birds, but sometimes they may weigh less and sometimes they may weigh more.

Our Freedom Ranger chickens are processed in a WSDA licensed facility located in Orting, WA.

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**Because we offer a limited quantity of subscriptions through our seasonal chicken delivery service, your first payment will be processed within 48 hours of your order to guarantee your spot in the service. All remaining payments will be processed the Thursday prior to delivery or pickup.

**Orders are delivered every 4 weeks beginning from June through November.

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**See the Seasonal Chicken Service page for all terms and conditions.